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Sealant -say what?

At Detail Innovations we are purveyors of clean automobiles, but no, we don't do teeth! We do however recommend, and use, sealant! Automotive sealant that is... -some of the best available. If you are lucky enough to be one of our first-run customers, you've likely had your car treated with our best-in-class automotive sealant.

"But wait", you might say, "I still can't help thinking about beautiful pearly white teeth". "Every time I hear the word sealant in fact, -and a beautiful wide grin to boot". Well, that's ok we understand. Your right, the word sealant does take center stage in the dental appearance world. But guess what? It's also a term widely used in other industries.

Paraphrasing from the dictionary, a sealant is any substance that provides an airtight or watertight protection to a surface. Simple enough? Sure, but we'd be the first to admit the word sealant can be misleading, and might conjure images of a glue-like film sticking to the surface of your car, or a serious, costly, and complex mysterious glaze slathered over your vehicle that can never be removed once applied. Or, maybe we have some collusion with the dental industry by smearing tooth polish all over your paint? Of course not!

Automotive sealant is simply a surface protectant. Most sealants will also provide a jaw-dropping shine to the car. Now, you might feel a slight sense of restlessness at this point, take a slight grimace and ask "but what about wax?" Ah yes, wax, of course. Wax was, and probably still is, what most folks associate with automotive shine. It's almost an association kind of like "cola" is to Coke, or "copy" is to Xerox. Car "shine" is to wax. Through the decades this was true. Wax is still a reasonable solution for surface protection and shine, and might be appropriate for certain types of cars. But, like advances in most every industry, things have changed quite a bit over the years and automotive surface protectants have gotten pretty sophisticated. And, there's so many product variations that shopping for a good solution can leave one stumbling away in a delusional haze.

At Detail Innovations however, we keep it simple. We've narrowed it down to just a few leading products and proven techniques that allow us to apply a sealant that will protect your car and give an image-enhancing shine. Automotive and self-image enhancing, -that is!

Let's sum it up like this... we know one of the big discount chains uses the analogy "Good, Better, Best" right? Wax is good, Sealant is better! Wax will typically last around two to three weeks. Sealant will last around four to eight weeks! Now, as with everything else, your mileage will vary depending on how your car is maintained, what it's exposed to in the driving environment, etc. But there's more! Because sealants utilize state-of-the-art technology, the application, appearance, and consistency of the sealant is far superior to wax. This, based on our humble opinion from our professional training and real-life application on our customer cars. See our "Work by Detail Innovations" page for proof!

Hopefully a sense of calm and security has set in by now as you ponder the possibility of having your car treated to a sealant, or perhaps re-treated with a sealant. Some of you, especially those of the automotive enthusiast disposition might be thinking "yeah I got it". But, as you lean back, you might take a strained sigh and think: "what about coatings?" Yes. Remember the "Good, Better, Best" analogy? Coatings shall we say, could take the "Best" place in the automotive protectant food chain. Because coatings are top dog in the protectant/shine category, their application and processes are more complex, and as you might guess, more expensive. Coating solutions and technologies are also quite dynamic in the industry. At Detail Innovations we will provide coating alternatives in the future. Importantly we'll take our time to simplify the solution for customers and provide the best solution. Stay tuned on that front. We'll say more about coatings going forward. For now, our sealant solution is an excellent, affordable choice with very impressive results.

Who knows, maybe next time you see the dentist you'll think about your car's beautiful shine!

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