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Detail Innovations

Committed to Detailing Excellence


Your vehicle is, in essence, an extension of yourself.  Why not keep it as clean and impressive as possible?  We offer routine cleaning all the way to extensive surface correction and show preparation.  Always taking a consultative approach, we will discuss your goals in maintaining your vehicle's exterior.  Full corrective and show preparation services combine both art and science and consequently, have variable costs for this full spectrum service.  We are happy to engage in discussion to understand your needs and provide the best approach to maximize your vehicle appearance.         


Foundation Water Conscious 

-Water-Conscious Wash (waterless or water-minimum)

-Surface Preparation/Contaminant Removal

-Protective Paint Sealant

-Window Cleaning

-Wheel Cleaning

-Tire Dressing

This service highlights minimal water usage and maximum car care!  State-of-the-art eco-friendly products are used to eliminate, or greatly reduce the use of water.  Surface-friendly automotive car care is maximized to clean the vehicle and leave a lustrous shine without unnecessary water consumption and run-off.  A Detail Innovations exclusive! 

For some jobs, a conventional water wash may be necessary.  Detail Innovations offer power-wash, full water consumption service at extra charge when needed due to condition of vehicle or service desired.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is a professional detailing term that refers to improving the condition of your vehicle’s surface.  Over time, all vehicles develop surface scratches and irregularities that remain after regular cleaning.  Polishing and Compounding attempts to remove the majority of surface irregularities and prepares the vehicle surface for paint protectant.  While the process may not remove 100% of defects, the overall result of the process typically provides remarkable improvement and an impressive shine and gloss!  A labor-intensive process, this service has variable costs based on vehicle condition and required effort to provide the most impressive finish to your vehicle.  Consultation and vehicle inspection are recommended for paint correction services.     

Exterior Extras

-Headlight Restoration

-Black Trim Rejuvenation

-Deep Wheel Cleaning & Tire Dressing

-Spot Compound/Polish

-Light Engine Cleaning & Dressing

-Power Wash Engine Cleaning & Dressing 

These services may be added to the exterior menu's above or done separately.  Prices will vary  


Detail Innovations Limits of Liability and Disclosure form is applicable to all services performed and must be signed by the customer before service is commenced.  The form is available for download on our Services Main page.  Thank you!

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