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Well, if it's gonna rain...

Let's be honest, this time of year we all might skip a car wash or two because of the rain, or cold weather, or whatever convenient winter-based reason. But like any other preventative maintenance, it's a good idea to keep the car clean on a regular basis. Sure, we take a gamble with 'ol mother nature, but when our cars accumulate weeks and weeks of road film, environmental fallout, and winter grime, it compounds the cleaning process down the line, and possibly could contribute to more scratches, and irregularities when that thick layer of winter gunk is finally removed. Better to keep a reasonable frequency of exterior cleaning, and protecting, to keep your car in shape during the season. Call us and ask about our winter treatment options. While we're at it, it's a perfect time to remember our interior is just as important. Avoid the unnecessary compounding of grime by keeping your interior cleaned and conditioned. We're ready to provide a reasonable solution and happy to meet your detailing needs!

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