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Detail Innovations

Committed to Detailing Excellence


We take a consultative approach to understanding your needs and matching the best detailing alternative for your vehicle.  We offer services rangeing from routine light cleaning to complex surface correction.  We are certified to address your interior and exterior detailing needs with state-of-the-art products, tools, and techniques.  


Every vehicle is unique.  Condition, age, make and model all have an impact on detailing effectiveness and serviceability.  At Detail Innovations, we will discuss our planned approach and address any important considerations to maximize the best service experience possible.  Please see our Interior and Exterior pages for menu options for more information and don't hesitate to contact use for any questions you may have. 


Additional Considerations

-Large vehicles 20% extra (Full-size SUV's, Mini-vans, etc.)

-10% Discount for 5+ cars (single client)  Great value for the collector or large-size family!

-Paint Correction service (machine polishing, compounding, and finishing) is variable cost, starting at the rate of $100 per hour.  

-Paint Correction service (machine polishing, compounding, and finishing) is known to be less than 100% effective in removal of all surface scratches and paint imperfections.  It is normal that results will greatly improve the paint surface but may result in overall effectiveness at less than 100%; some deep scratches or imperfections may remain after the correction process due to vehicle condition and age.

-Please contact us for pricing.  Pricing is subject to change without notice.

-In some cases, your vehicle may require special services beyond our capability.  We will refer to alternate providers when able, and reserve the right to decline those interior or exterior services for which we are not able to provide value.

-For interior service, we do not provide services for bio-hazard (human or otherwise), mold/mildew, pests and pest excretion, hazardous materials/items, etc.

-Detail Innovations Limits of Liability and Disclosure Statement is applicable to all services performed and must be signed by the customer before service is commenced.  Please click the button below to download our liability form.  Thank you!     

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