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I have been passionate about cars all my life. From my very first experience riding in my Uncle's 69' Porsche 912 when I was 7yrs old and then seeing my cousins 76' Porsche 930. My goal was to have my first 911 at the age of 25, which I purchased and was a 1980 911SC Targa Blk/Blk. Since then I've owned many Porsches both Air Cooled and Water Cooled. I currently own one of the last Air Cooled 911's a 1997 993S. I have been hooked on keeping a car to it's best appearance possible. I have many years experience working with specialty sports cars my first car was a 1971 BMW 2002(in High school), learning how to improve performance and appearance to provide the best possible outcome of the car. Detailing allows me to bring that passion to the customer. I look forward to sharing the same enthusiasm to keep your car in the best shape possible and wish for Detail Innovations to address all your needs.

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